We believe:

Thoughtful people should control the things we read and watch. Not algorithms.

Local advertising should benefit local communities, not Silicon Valley shareholders.

If you have an audience of people interested in what you do, you should share your megaphone.

If it's worth their effort, people will share their content with your audience.


What's collective publishing?

People and organizations collaborate on event calendars and newsfeeds.

Tell us whom to invite. Tell us what to collect. Everyone gets logins and analytics.

Betterpress will build your collective, gathering content and promoting it to your audiences on social media. We will build your newsletters.

There's nothing to purchase. There are no monthly fees. You set prices and sell ads. We share the revenues you earn.


Case Study

There are 130 breweries in San Diego, but there was no way for people to follow them all.

We teamed up with the San Diego Brewers Guild. Through Betterpress, they invited  local breweries to contribute events, they assembled a calendar, and they promoted these events to their followers on social media. We promoted these events to their followers on social media and built their weekly newsletters.

This created the easiest way for fans to follow the local beer scene, gave the Guild something to say every day, and a new way to promote local breweries.


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